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Hiring Tips

Key Account Representatives offer the following tips to help you hire the right candidate for your job:

Don’t let just anyone screen resumes!

It is very important that the screener has a solid understanding of what the “gating” requirements are (i.e. absolute must haves, non-negotiables such as specific degree requirements, specialized skills such as software or product knowledge) and an understanding of the flexible requirements so they do not screen too rigidly and miss a strong candidate.

The screener should have specific dialog and feedback with the hiring manager both before and after interview. Having a solid understanding up front about the criteria that makes a strong candidate is very important. Even more crucial is having a thorough de-brief with the hiring manager after interviews in order to fine tune the screening process for future candidates.

Follow up with candidates within 24 hours!

It is very important to keep candidates you have contacted or interviewed informed about next steps. They should know where they are in the hiring process, the anticipated next step, and the timing.

Let the candidate know the best way to keep in contact with you and how to appropriately follow up. Candidates that know what to do or what to expect will stay more interested, not make assumptions, and are less likely to interrupt your workday with unnecessary emails or phone calls. In addition, you will also get a feel for whether a candidate can follow direction or act appropriately and professionally.

Even if your process is lengthy or slow, if the candidates understand this, they won’t take it personally or lose interest if they are aware that it is just your process or policy.