Meeting every project need, every time.

Powering Business Forward

Key has a unique business model that is comprised of four complementary business units that can be integrated and customized to provide enhanced, best-in-class services. This allows us to provide strong value to our customers and brings truly unique solutions to the marketplace. Some specific examples include:

  • Training and development of technical candidates at our Engineering Services facility for placement through our Staffing Group. This training is very customizable, often using technical materials provided by the specific client in question to develop candidates for hire that require very short ramp-up time. 
  • Superior candidate screening and assessment to include software testing and “technical interviews” conducted by our permanent engineering and IT staff, ensuring that Key Technical candidates are pre-screened and qualified more effectively than any other staffing provider in our industry.
  • Providing clients with a vehicle to hire high-caliber talent into their facility through our Engineering Services Group as an alternative option when there exists an internal barrier to hire through normal “staffing” options. In addition, when these employees rotate back to Key’s location, they are available to you on an as-needed basis, providing a true extension to your engineering department for the long term.

The ownership at Key is focused on continuous re-investment of earnings back into the company in order to consistently expand resources, recruit strong management talent and technical experts, and enhance programs and benefits for key personnel in order to increase employee retention and longevity.