Lean engineering improves effectiveness and productivity.

Lean Engineering Processes

The implementation of Lean Engineering principles is at the core of our Project Management process. The successful application of these principles allows Key to effectively identify inefficiencies and eliminate waste from the engineering and design process. Perhaps the most visible and tangible aspects of the Lean process include the Visual Workflow Management (VWM) Boards and the daily Stand-Up Meetings.

Visual Workflow Management Boards

The VWM board is a standard white board that serves as a visual tool to display the current status of the project being worked on and to facilitate very effective short-term planning. The board provides a snapshot of workload commitments, project milestones and specific task due dates, and also contains a “parking lot” area for project team members to flag issues that may develop during a project to address at the next Stand-Up meeting.

Stand Up Meetings

The Stand-Up meeting offers a brief daily touch-base (10-15 minutes maximum), preferably scheduled in the morning and taking place with team members standing at the VWM board. These meetings provide a forum for direct discussion and information exchange between all team members, and facilitate quick resolution of issues and conflicts to keep the project on track while maximizing efficiency and productivity.

Implementing these two basic tools together results in significant increases in team productivity and overall effectiveness. A few basic things to consider in order to implement Lean principles most effectively include:

  • Choose the right project
  • Assess and plan for capacity up front (staff and resources)
  • Utilize product and process co-development
  • Identify and manage risk
  • Maintain focus throughout project completion