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Project Management & Tracking

Key’s Project Management process is the biggest factor to our success. Regardless of the project scope – basic design to more robust engineering applications – Project Management and Project Tracking are the primary components that ensure successful outcomes.

Every client and all client projects have one primary point of contact, the Design Lead or Project Manager. This Key contact is responsible for the successful outcome of each project, and all staff assigned to the project are accountable to the Design Lead/PM. Effective communication is the highest priority for all Design Leads while managing projects.

The focus on communication starts with the initial project review, which includes a confirmation of expectations and engineering/design requirements, a review of design standards, a timeline for project completion and a total estimate of hours and dollars to complete the work.

Upon project approval, we develop a Project Management plan based on Lean Engineering principles, and review the project tracking strategy with each client. This plan is typically updated with the client on a weekly basis and includes tracking estimated versus actual hours, progress toward project deadlines, site visitation/review meetings with client, and other relevant benchmarks for each project.

Upon project completion, Key delivers the finished project to the client in the requested format and then, after client review, we issue a Quality Assurance Follow-Up Survey to assess the project for accuracy, quality and overall performance.