Engineering solutions for every client.

Our Offerings

Key Technical Solutions offers a full range of engineering services to meet the needs of our clients. Our offerings include:



    Key Engineers are experienced in concept creation and idea generation, design manufacturability, feasibility analysis, as well as FEA capabilities with Solidworks Simulation and electrical load flow analysis with SKM software.


    Our Project Managers can provide concept-to-design project management or manage a portion of a client engineering initiative. Key Project Managers apply Lean Engineering practices to identify inefficiencies and eliminate waste from the design process.


    We employ engineers with disciplines in both mechanical and electrical applications, offering engineering and design expertise on multiple CAD platforms. Key provides levels of service including conceptual design engineering, finite element analysis, design for manufacturing, engineering layouts and production drawings.


    Key has the capability to customize a CAD platform, its database of information, and common parts/features/assemblies used by the program and the user to drastically reduce repetitive, common tasks in the design process. Design automation reduces the time required to design and detail a product and allows the user to spend more time focusing on design innovation.


    Key’s experienced design staff creates CAD models and drawings to meet the design criteria of parts and assemblies, utilizing proper CAD practices to ensure the accuracy of a design as a whole and to incorporate future changes efficiently.


    Key creates drawings and assemblies from conceptual sketches to production level drawings. We take care to ensure that our work is complete, accurate and drawn to specific client standards and dimensioning techniques.


    Experienced Key Technical design and engineering professionals train new or existing employees either at Key or at client locations using state-of-the-art CAD software and hardware. Training is provided for both mechanical and electrical applications on various CAD software platforms.


    We use a set of formalized evaluations to test potential candidates on a particular CAD platform to determine their true abilities and knowledge of the program prior to hiring them. The tests determine a wide range of skills including speed, accuracy, depth of knowledge of program commands and ability to follow instructions.


    Key has created a process to develop new employees for clients at Key’s facility using client reference drawings and client-specific software. This customized development process, implemented in conjunction with the client, develops new employees who are thoroughly trained and indoctrinated so they can hit the ground running.