What to Expect and Avoid

Depending on the type of position that you are interviewing for, there are usually some basic differences in the interviewing process between contract or contract-to-direct positions and permanent, direct hire opportunities. You should adjust your expectations accordingly.

Contract or contract-to-direct positions:
Typically there will be just one interview, and as long as both you and the client get all of your questions answered, an offer will follow within just a few days if the client is interested. Of course there are exceptions, but the process is generally completed in a relatively short time frame.

When filling a contract position, clients typically gather candidate resumes, select several candidates to interview, schedule interviews within a few hours or days of each other (and usually within the same week), and then make an offer to the best candidate shortly after conducting the last interview.

The client provides the job offer through Key, and then Key communicates the offer to you and likewise conveys your acceptance back to the client.

Permanent positions:
For a direct hire position, the interviewing process is usually more intensive and takes longer to complete, often two to three weeks.

Expect two or three interviews with different departments and personnel. You will have an interview with someone from Human Resources, followed by a technical interview(s) with the department hiring manager(s) that are filling the position.

As with contract positions, if an offer is extended, it is conveyed through Key to you, and likewise the acceptance from you through Key back to the client.